Monday, March 1, 2010

Post Purim

Rebbe Nachman
Likutei Moharan Tinyana 74

After Purim we read Parshas Parah.
First we begin with Pur, that Haman cast, and then we continue with Para- which purifies us to be ready to bring the Korabn Pesach. The Arizal taught that casting lots is the secret of the Para Adumah. Purim definitely escorts us to Pesach, like pasuk in Shir Hashirim (5)says, His lips (Pesach, the mouth speaks) are roses (Esther, according to chazal and the zohar) dripping with myrrh (Mordechai.) Mordechai is Mor Dror- Myrh which is free, (meaning from slavery) another hint of the inexorable combination between Purim and Pesach...
The Pasuk says, seven days you will not see chametz, for I took you out in the month of the Aviv from Egypt, you shall see My face, empty handed. The last five words, Mitzraim, V'lo Yire Panai Raikam, in Roshei Tevos spell out PURIM!
Because, Pesach used to be the beginning of everything, and all mitvos are in memory of leaving Mitzraim. But now... (the Rebbe didn't finish his sentence)
Purim starts us down to the road, then it begins everything...
more to come on this torah... stay tuned

time to dream

R Naftali Jaeger said (in 1995) during a hisvaadus on Shushan Purim, "There's still some time left, to think, to dream, to be...."