Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pachad Yitzchak Shavuos 38

When R Akiva was imprisoned, R Shimon ben Yochai came and asked to learn from R Akiva. R Akiva refused. R Shimon threatened to have his father report R Akiva to the authorities. R Akiva said (a famous statement) more than the calf wants to nurse the cow wants to feed it. R Shimon said, so is the calf in in danger? Rashi and the Rashbam say this means, so what is it to you.
Rav Hutner asks, R Akiva was already in jail, so what was R Shimon threatenning? Where do we ever see a punishment of death for learning? Rav Hutner says answers that personal learning is one thing, but in case where the masores is going to be lost, that is something entirely different. We know that R Akiva was in prison because he gathered masses together to learn. So why would this be any different. R Akiva believed it was necessary that he teach the masses, lest torah be forgotten, but to teach a single pupil it was not worth endangering R shimon's life. R Shimon said that this is learning which would be forgotten otherwise, and what's it to you as it is my choice to be moser nefesh for to keep the change of the mesores

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