Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pachad Yitzchak 41 Shavuos

The talmidim of Rebbi Yisrael Salanter say that his Yahrtzeit is always on parshas mispatim.
While the mitzvos bein Adam L'chaveiro seem to be the ikar chidf the tenuas hamusar, there is a shelmus of Torah which impacted on. The Torah is in separable, and therefore the Chiudsh of the musar movement was in the entirety of Torah. Rav Hutner sums it up succinctly that it is not just the author of the sefer Chofetz Chaim and Ahavas Chessed which were direct products of the tenuas hamusar, but main point of what Rebbi Yisrael was mchadesh was that the author of the mishna brurah is the author of the sefer chofetz chaim.

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