Friday, May 25, 2007

Moshiach's Torah

Pachad Yitzchak 43, Reshimos Lev Shavuos
The Torah is referred to as Mashal Kadmoni- the primordial allegory. David Hamelech is the one who uses this term. He says that it says in the Mashal Kadmoni that from evil people will come evil. Rashi asks, where is this written? When a person murders, and another person kills someone by accident, and there are no witnesses, then they will both end up at the same place, and the accidental killer will fall off of a ladder, on to the murderer, killing him. The people who are there will witness this and send the accidental killer to the city of refuge.
We see that Hashem steps in and nullifies free will in order to bring justice, in manipulating the circumstances to bring this together. This is a glimpse of the Torah of Moshiach, which removes free will through the powerful revelation of Hashem's will. It brings us into the world of the where the yetzer hara is destroyed.
We are told that Torah can repair the sin of misused speech. Marpeh lashon eitz chayim. Speech is the most powerful usage of bechira. The Torah, specifically as the Mashal Kadmoni is the repair for the most powerful display of misused bechira, a misuse of speech, as the overwhelming lack of free will can negate the most powerful misuse of bechira.
(Another piece to see inside:)
Therefore, we see that the luchos, were able to be read from ever to ever (side to side), the mei Hashiloach (Ki Sissa volume 1) explains that Torah has the ability to flip a person from one extreme (of bad) to the opposite extreme (of good). Again this Torah as an awesome revelation, can turn a person's life around in the most powerful way.
(Finally, a third piece, in Baal Shem Tov al hatorah, with the perush of the Bilvavi mishkan evneh)
Mashiach will come and explain all of the tzerufim (word combinations) in the torah. Then he will combine them all into one word. The tzerufim are the different ways which torah recombines to try to touch me in my place, with the choices I have made. The combination is how the Torah shows there really weren't any choices or changes- there is only unity.-

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